A quotation, or quote, is a document that a supplier submits to a potential client with a proposed price for the supplier's goods or services based on certain conditions.

A quotation is also often known as a quote. It is a document that a supplier will submit to a potential client that lists the proposed prices for the supplier's goods or services. The quotation is normally created based on certain conditions stipulated by the client.

To access Quotation from the main menu go to:

Main Menu > Sales > Quotation

Quotation contains  :

  • The recipient of the Quotation

  • The Items and quantities you are offering..

  • Other charges (like shipping, insurance) if applicable.

  • The validity of quotation.

  • The time of delivery(date promised).

  • Other conditions(comments).


Before creating and using a Quotation, it is advised that you create the following first:

  • Customer(this can be done from the quotation screen at the time of quotation)

  • Item(items to be entered into the quotation need to be already created in posibolt)

  • Charges(if applicable)

How To Create A Quotation

  1. In The Main menu, Navigate to SALES

  2. Click on QUOTATION

  3. Customer field - Type in name of existing customer or click on the “create new customer button”. Fill in details of the customer if new and click on the tick

  4. Add items to the cart by BARCODE , NAME or DESCRIPTION

  5. Add additional charges to the cart e.g (shipping , delivery) by clicking on MORE and then clicking on SERVICE CHARGE. You can select the specific charges from the drop down and enter charge amount(IF APPLICABLE)

  6. A discount can also be given by clicking on the DISCOUNT button and editing the price to the discounted price via PERCENTAGE , LINE ITEM DISCOUNT or TOTAL DISCOUNT

  7. Select sales rep from the drop down( IF APPLICABLE) if not , it will default to the logged in user

  8. Select a date promised(indicated a delivery date)

  9. Validity- Enter amount of days/weeks or months for the validity of this quotation

  10. Clicking on CHECKOUT processes and finalises the Quotation, however clicking on SAVE allows you to save the quotation (not finalised) , This can be brought back by clicking on INVOKE ORDER and finding your save quotation from the drop down.


All Quotations Post to A Report

To access this report from the main menu go to:

Main Menu > Sales > Quotation Report

How to view quotations in the report 

  1. In the Main Menu , Navigate to SALES


  3. Search summary by ORDERS(DOCUMENT/QUOTATION) or by PRODUCT


  5. Filter by- Selecting a date range or specific period of time or day

  6. Search by PRODUCT or CUSTOMER( nothing needs to be selected here unless you looking for a specific quotation for a specific product or customer )

  7. Search by a specific organisation(this is if there are multiple branches/stores and you wish to view for a specific organisation/branch or store). This field is set on the logged in organisation by default. By selecting the * means all organisations.

  8. Click on Search


How to convert a quotation to a sales order

  1. This is done from the QUOTATION REPORT

  2. Firstly , Run the report using the steps mentioned above.

  3. Remember that a quotation can only be converted to a sales order if you are logged in to the organisation the quotation was created in.

  4. At the end of the quotation displayed in the report, there will be a CREATE ORDER button in the ORDER NO column

  5. Click on the CREATE ORDER button 

  6. This will redirect you to the sales screen bringing up the items and price as well as customer information that was in the quotation.

  7.  Editing of items and price can be done here.

  8. Select the desired payment method and checkout.