Sales are activities related to selling of goods or services in a given time period.

How to Do a Normal Sale

From the Main menu, click on Sales → Sales Order → Click on Sales.

  1. To add products to the cart, you can either scan the bar code, enter the product name or enter the description

  2. On the right-hand side panel, we can see the product information like product image, list price of product and available quantity.

  3. You can adjust the number in the Qty field to the amount the customer wants to purchase and press Enter key. You can also adjust the quantity by clicking the '+ and – buttons' to increase and decrease the quantities.

  4. You can also create a new customer by New Customer icon and create his or her profile.

  5. If any discount is needed for an order press Quick discount button. A pop-up window will appear, enter your discounted amount in the Each field and press Enter, another pop-up window will appear, call your manager to approve. 

  6. Click on Payment mode button to select the mode of payments such a cash, card. Or Lay Bye. Enter the required amount and press enter.

  7. At this point you can save the order and invoke it at a later stage (If applicable).

  8. To complete the order, Click on CHECK OUT.

  9. A invoice page with the details of the Payment mode, Payment amount, total and balance amount and on the right hand side shows the invoice slip.

  10. For a new sales order, Click on New Order

Screen Preference

Posibolt allows you to add or remove columns to the table in the cart. This can be done using the screen preference icon. Clicking on the icon will display a list of values that can be added to the cart table. Screen preference is a user specific feature; you can enable this feature for a particular user.


 Keyboard Short keys

The following short-keys are available in the sales order screen.                             

Sales History

To search for past sales of a branch, customer or even a product. 

Go to Sales > Sales Order > Sales History


                                                           LAY BUY

A LAY-BUY is a way of paying for goods over an agreed period of time, whereby the service provider holds the goods until the consumer has paid their full price. To lay buy goods, the consumer pays a small deposit, and subsequently makes regular repayments until the total price is paid.

How to Do A LAY BUY Sale

From the Sales Screen, add products to the cart

  1. Choose the payment mode as Lay Buy. You will get a pop up box to enter the amount tendering details.

  2. You will see a minimum payment % and amount is displayed

  3. Enter the amount to be tendered.

  4. Click on OK.


Settle Payment

The partial payments from the customer can be settled using the Settle Payment button.

  1. From SALES, click on Settle Payment. 

  2. Choose the customer.

  3. The open orders for the customer will be displayed on the left side panel.

  4. Select the check – box against the order for which the customer is paying the partial amount.

  5. When clicked on, a Order No link pop up is displayed with the item name, description, quantity and price details.

  6. You can also choose a different payment mode.

  7. Enter the payment amount in the Pay Amount field.

  8. Enter a discount amount if applicable then Click on Pay.

Lay Buy Report

As the name implies, this report displays all the make to orders done with in the search criteria set.This report also displays the quantities to be delivered in that period.

Cancel Or Modify From Lay Buy Report

Navigate to Lay buy report

If the Allow Edit Document feature is enabled for the role, then the user will get the Modify / Cancel options. Selecting one can modify or cancel a lay buy order.

Click on MODIFY, it directs to the sales screen, from there you can modify the order and complete the process using Check-Out

Click on CANCEL ORDER, a pop up box is displayed showing that return penalty is deducted from the minimum payment, for the customer

Click on Tick mark after which a message is displayed that Order has been cancelled

Delayed Delivery

When goods arrive later than the time that they were scheduled to arrive. Usually, this is when goods are delivered at a later date. A delayed delivery of goods is agreed upon in advance between the buyer and the seller.

  1. Delayed Delivery Sale

  2. Go to Sales Screen. You will see that, since delayed delivery option is enabled, the cursor focus is on the customer information field.

  3. Choose the Customer.

  4. Now add products to the cart.

  5. Set the quantities required.

  6. Click on Check – Out. You will get a pop up box

  7. Here you can choose the warehouse, from which the stock needs to be deducted for items in the order.

  8. You can also choose the Price list from the drop down list.

  9. If the delivery address of the customer needs to be changed, you can add a new address by clicking on the ‘Create New’ check box.

  10. Date Promised: the date on which the goods will be delivered.

  11. Freight Cost  : Any extra costs applicable for the sale or you can leave it blank.

  12. Press enter or click in green tick.

  13. We have now created a delayed delivery sale, now it is time to ship the goods. For this we go to Shipment Report.

How To Deliver The Goods

Go to Stock → Shipment Report.

This report displays all the delayed delivery orders in a tabular form. Use the filters to narrow the search criteria to find the order looking for. 

  1. The default search criteria is:

    Date Promised ­ Today

    Delivery Status ­ No

    Organization ­ Current logged in organization

This will list out all the shipments which are ready for shipments.

  1. Clicking on Print Pick List will generate a pdf report with the locators where the products are present.

  2. Edit Order ­ Click on edit order link, the sales order and its related shipments and payments will be deleted. The user will be directed to POS Sales Order screen with the same product added to the cart. Make the necessary changes from here and Click on complete.

To do shipment for more than one order, select the Allow check­boxes. By selecting more than one order, it will display two buttons – Picklist Print and Complete.

    Picklist Print it will print the pick list for all the selected orders.

    Complete This operation completes the shipment of selected order without displaying the stock.

Click on the ship order, it will be directed to the Customer shipment screen where you can complete the shipment.

  1. Check and enter the quantities to be delivered. You can also ship partial quantities.

  2. If out of stock, we can decrease the quantity to be shipped. There is check­box to be ticked before completing the shipment. If unchecked, then that product will not be shipped.

  3. Customer Information is available on the right side of the page. Shipper details can also be entered.

     Pre requisites

Before completing a Delayed delivery, it is advised that you create the following 

  • Creating a Customer (this can be done from the sales screen at the time of sale)

  • Items (items to be entered into the sales screen need to be already created in posibolt)

  • Delayed delivery needs to be enabled in Role configuration