Posibolt makes tallying the day's sale reconciling money and updating your end of day total in a quick and easy process. 

Current Money In Terminal

This screen displays the total amount in  till, that is after all transactions.  In Current Money in Terminal, the user can view the Opening Balance, Net  Transaction, Cash Total, Card, Cheque, EFT, and Grand Total. 

To access Current Money in Terminal from the main menu go to:

Main Menu > Sales > Current Money in Terminal



Close TILL 

Posibolt helps you manage your end of day processes. This is one of the last things to be done. At the end of the day, as a sales representative, you should close the till to retrieve the amount of money in the terminal for all the sales done.  Whenever you change cashiers or close your till, you will be required to count the money you have in your terminal. Posibolt uses blind reconciliation meaning that you count the cash first and only then will the system tells you how much money was supposed to be found in the till.  


To access Close Till from the main menu go to:

Main Menu > Sales > Close TILL


How To Close A Till 

1. Enter the values for cash sales, card and cheque amount.  

2. 'Float left behind' is the amount to be carried forward for the next day.  

3. Click on CLOSE.

If the amounts entered are correct, a confirmation message is displayed to continue with the close till.  If the amount is incorrect. Then the user needs to go back and enter the correct amount and continue to close till. The cashier will not be able to continue close till with an incorrect amount. The credentials of a supervisor are needed in such a case. Once the cashier has closed the till Posibolt will print the end of day receipt and inform the employee whether the money in the cash drawer tallies with calculation.