This document helps you to understand how POSibolt handling daily cash flow in a retail business.

In a normal retail business, we must keep a separate cash book account for each terminal and a single manager cash book account to transfer all terminal cash at the end of the day and transfer the cash amount from manager cash book to the bank account using Cash/bank transfer screen.

Terminal Cash Book (Close Till) -> Manager Cash Account -> Bank Account (Cash Bank Transfer)

How to set up a transfer account to the till point terminal.

1. Create a manager terminal for each branch.

    Administration -> Terminals

    A cash book will be automatically created in POSibolt when save the terminal details with the

terminal name.

2. Create a till point terminal and set cash transfers account as its own manager terminal cash book.

Cash/Bank Transfer

Accounting -> Cash/Bank Transfer

Choose From and To account from the list and click on the submit button after entering the amount and description.