The Cashing Up Report will give you general information concerning all the terminals and will not take into account the expenses. You can view the Cashing Up report for each terminal independently. 

Performance Analysis Report -> Cashing up Report by Terminal

To access this report you will need to

  1. Navigate to Main menu

  1. Click on Performance Analysis report

  1. Click on Cashing up Report by Terminal

  • If you select Date Range as Fixed then you have to select from range drop drown or select Custom to select a specific date.

  • Click on search and you will get the sales report per terminal as cash total, card total, cheque total and amount for terminal 1, terminal 2 etc.

  • It includes the customer return order as well.

How to export the search result

Finally you can also save the data you get as a CSV,RTF and PDF files and you just click on Export options