Customer is a method of delivering goods from the store to the customer directly.

This is the process of despatching the goods.This is used when a customer places an order and does not take the goods immediately and requests a delivery or picks up at a later stage.


In order to use this functionality, delayed delivery needs to be enabled.Refer to document on role configurations

Where does one find Customer Shipment Manual?

In the Main menu , click on Stock

Navigate to Customer shipment manual

How to do a customer shipment manual

Once you have clicked on the customer shipment manual button you will be directed to this screen shown below.

The first thing you will need to do is enter the customer name in the customer field. 

By doing this it will bring open orders pertaining to this customer in the order number field.

Refer to the picture shown below.

Now you will need to manually enter the items in this particular order .

It will bring up the quantity order .you will need to enter the quantity you wish to ship(despatch) 

If there were items already partially delivered it will show here in the qty delivered column .

Once you are done click on complete