When you confirm a transfer order or a transfer order item, you are verifying that the required quantity of material has actually been transferred to your store/location and that the processing of the transfer order or item has been completed.

This confirmation screen is used to confirm stock transfers where the intransit warehouse is not created.

Where does one find Stock transfer confirmation?

In the Main menu , click on Stock

Navigate to stock transfer confirmation

How to do a stock transfer confirmation 

Once you have clicked on the stock transfer confirmation button you will be directed to this screen shown below.

All transfers sent to your store/location will appear here by default as long as you logged into the correct organisation.

Document status CO means completed

Document status DR means drafted.

Simply click on the line of the transfer you want to accept at your store which will be the one with the document status as DR 

This page will appear showing the items in the stock transfer sent to you.

Please note that in this type of confirmation you will need to enter the quantities recieved .

If the quantity block is red it means the quantity is incorrect.

Once the correct quantity is entered the blocks will turn green which will allow you to click on complete .