A purchase order is a document issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.

How to Do a Purchase order

Select The Vendor from Whom You Want to Purchase Items

Enter the name of the vendor. Select the name from the drop down list. If you are buying from the new vendor, you need to create their details first –  Administration → Vendors → Create a New Vendor.

Choose The Items You Want to Purchase.

  • You can add items to your purchase cart by scanning a bar-code, typing its UPC, or name

  • Select the product, Posibolt will automatically retrieve the item information and populate the purchase cart with prices from the default purchase price-list.

  • On the right-hand side, you can add the quantity. You can either enter the qty manually or use the + or – buttons to increase/decrease the quantities.

  • You can also edit the date of accounting if applicable.

  • You can Save and Invoke Order at a later stage. The Save option can be enabled in role settings. Configuration " Allow draft order".

The payment mode is set to Credit. The payment types can be changed in the PO screen. To do this, we disable "Purchase Invoice Credit Only" in client configuration.

Other Features

Discount - You can give a discount for a purchase order, provided that the role has the privileges to do so.                                                                                                                                           Quick Discount- If you have to give a discount for a single item or give a discount on the totals, you can use the option Quick Discount.                                                                                             Edit Price- When a product is added, the prices displayed is that of the default purchase price-list. You can override this default purchase price by clicking on the Edit Price button and by entering a new purchase price for each item line. Note that this process will not modify the default purchase price.                                                                                                              Clear AllAs the name suggests; it will clear all details on the screen.                                Import- you can import items to the cart from a CSV file

Check Out Once You Are Ready To Complete The PO

  • The default payment mode for a Purchase Order is Credit.

  • Click on the Check Out button once you are ready to complete the PO.

  • Clicking on the printer icon will display the invoice in an A4 sheet.

  • Clicking on New order will open up a new Purchase Order screen.