When goods have arrived, you can use the Receive Goods option to receive it, after completing this task, POSibolt will update the quantity on hand. 

Go to Purchases > Receive Goods

How to receive goods

  • Enter the vendor name in the vendor text field. Select the correct vendor

  • Choose the PO number from the drop down list to add the products to the cart

  • The products will be added to the cart with quantity as zero.

  • Count the quantity that is being received and enter in the Qty field.

  • When entering the correct qty, a green colour indicates that the qty entered is correct. If incorrect, a red colour is indicated.

  • You can also generate an invoice to the vendor at this point by ticking the Generate Invoice tab

Import Items- If there is a long list of products to be received, you can enter them using the Import RG option, you can import them in POSibolt.

Free items- If you received any free items with the products you have ordered, those can be entered here.

Service Charge- If there any charges that need to be added to cart ie, Delivery charge

Check – Out

Click on check out, you will get a confirmation page with product details and the invoice format on the right – hand side.

PDF Printout of the Order- Clicking on the printer icon will display an A4 print out of the order.

Print Barcode labels- Clicking on the label icon will direct you to the bar code printing page, where you can print the barcode labels of the products received.