All unpaid PO (purchase orders) are listed in the Purchase Settlement menu.

Go to Purchases > Vendor Settlement 

  • Click on Purchase Settlement

  • Type the first three letters of the name of the vendor. All the vendors with those letters in their name will be listed.

  • Highlight the specific vendor

  • On the right hand side, you can see the information of the vendor.

  • Click on Show Invoice-wise Details. You will be directed to the Invoice details of the vendor.

  • Open Invoices: Posibolt will return open invoices which have been delivered but not yet paid.

  • You can select any unpaid PO and quickly settle the amount due.

Allocate Payment To Vendor

  • Put a tick mark on the open invoice you wish to make a payment for.

  • In the Enter amount field, type in the amount paid to the vendor. You can pay a percentage or partial invoice amount

  • You can also allocate payment to multiple invoices

  • Click on the PAY tab.

  • Enter amount payable

  • Enter a Discounted amount, if any.

  • Select the payment method. CASH, CARD, EFT or CHEQUE.

  • Enter a transaction number if payment is CARD

  • For any past date transactions, just enter the past date in the Date of Accounting.

  • Click on continue.

  • Show allocated invoices will list all the invoices which are paid to the vendors.

  • The partially paid amount will be listed under the column paid amount.

Vendor's Ledger List

Click on Show Ledger

Posibolt allows you to quickly view all the vendor's invoices. For a particular vendor, click on Show Ledger. As for any reports, you can add filters and sort the information to identify exactly what you are looking for.