What is a pending sales order report?

A pending sales order report is a report that displays sales orders that have not been complete, delivered or shipped. This report displays partial delivery as well the information provided displays what still needs to be completed, delivered, shipped

Against n order, customer and item, product.

Where does one find the Pending sales order report?

In the Main menu, click on performance analysis

Navigate to Pending sales order report

How to Generate data/information in this report

Once you have clicked on Pending sales order report you will be directed to this screen shown below.

Again like any other report, the search criteria is the same.

You can search by a particular item/product, a particular invoice or a particular customer.

Select your desired date range and click on search.

The report generated displays 

  • the item,

  • Category

  • The actual order number which is highlighted in blue allowing you to drill down into the actual order,

  • the customer,

  • quantity ordered,

  • unit price and total retail price,

  • quantity delivered

  • Balance of quantity still needing to be delivered

  • Quantity on hand