What is a summary report?

This report gives you an overview of your sales for a given time period. Your sales report should also show your cost of goods sold, gross profit, and quantities sold so you can have a better idea of how much money is actually going back to your business.

The sales summary report provides a more macro view of your retail sales. How much did you make last month or the previous month? What about your year-to-date sales compared to last year? These numbers offer some general insights around the health of your business, and they can inform your medium to long-term decisions.

Where does one find the summary report?

In the Main menu, click on performance analysis

Navigate to Summary report

How to Generate data/information in this report

Once you have clicked on a Summary report you will be directed to this screen shown below.

You can generate this report to display data/information daily,monthly or yearly.

The Group by field is important in this report as this will be the main column data/information will be displayed against, Such as PRODUCT CATEGORY,PARENT CATEGORY,ROOT CATEGORY,ORGANISATION,CUSTOMER GROUP,SALES REP AND PRODUCT

The Report Value field allows you to view your report displaying profit,revenue or quantity.




Again like any other report the rest of the search criteria fields are the same right through. 

Select your desired date range and click on search.

In the picture below i have chosen daily for this current week and grouped by product category.