Introduction and purpose

A cash book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and disbursements, including bank deposits and withdrawals. Entries in the cash book are then posted into the general ledger

POSibolt's Cashbook keeps track of all cash transactions that have been processed in the system , that is all your cash transactions, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. You can do cash management and tracking simply by looking at the cash account reports.

Cashbooks are linked to your terminals. When you create a new Terminal, a cashbook with the terminal name is created.

The transfers specify where to transfer the amount once the till is closed.


  • Terminal

  • Cash account (When you create a new Terminal(Till point), a cashbook with the terminal name is created)

Adjust Cash Book

If you need to take money out or put money in the cash drawer, you will need to adjust the amount in the cash book by stating the reason. 

To access the Adjust Cash Book Screen you will need to

  1. Navigate to the main menu

  2. Click oo the Sales

  3. Click on the Adjust Cash Book 

How to enter cash receipts and disbursements

Whenever you need to enter any disbursement or put money in the drawer, 

  • Enter the amount

  • Choose the cash type whether it is a receipt or payment

  • Enter the description, Say whether it is a receipt or disbursement State a valid reason

  • Choose charge type from the dropdown and click on submit.

Remember that the charges showing in this screen all are created with charge type disbursement from the maintain charge screen.

Cash Account Report

  1. Navigate to main menu

  2. Click on Sales

  3. Click on Cash Account Report

In the Cash Account report, you can view the transactions involving the payment as cash type and amount. We can also display card and cheque details. 

Show Disbursement Only with Charge Name

Also, We can display only the disbursements created using charges by enabling Show Disbursement Only check box.

There are multiple filters available in this report, we can filter the report by Organization, Cash book etc..

You can also export the details in CSV, PDF or RTF format.

Cash Account History

  1. Navigate to main menu

  2. Click on Sales

  3. Click on Cash Account History

The Cash Account History/Close Till History will give the record for every transaction that has been done via the till(Terminal)

In this report you can view the daily beginning balance and ending balance of each cash account.

  • Click on the colored amount, it will direct you to the detailed transaction entries.

  • If the till is closed you will get the end of the day report where you can take a reprint of the close-till report.

You can also export the details in CSV, PDF or RTF format.