Loyalty Maintenance is where you can manage to give value or rewards in the form of loyalty points to your valuable customers on the basis of their purchase and the rules defined in the system. When the minimum points threshold defined in the system has been reached, customers can enjoy discounts by redeeming their loyalty points.

To create loyalty programs and rewards, navigate to

 Administration → Loyalty Maintenance.

This page allows you to view and manage all existing loyalty rules from a single location.

Create a Loyalty Program and Rule

Program and Rules contains the conditions that must be fulfilled by the customer to earn points, redeem points as cashback or products.

To create a new loyalty program, click on + button. You can configure any rule by setting these values.

Let’s view a current Loyalty Programme

  1. Name of the program is – Groworx Loyalty.

  2. Calculation mode is Amount.

  3. Value is 10. This means for every for every R100 spent, points are earned.

  4. Points is 2. That is 2 points are earned for R100 spent.

  5. Set a Minimum value, R100 to be purchased to earn points.

  6. After setting up the values click on Save.


Click on Rewards from Loyalty maintenance screen. 

Click on Search to display the existing rewards. Also search the rewards under a specific loyalty program by choosing loyalty program from drop down.

If you wish to make any changes, click on Edit button.

To create a new reward, click on + button. You will get this screen to enter the details.

How to add customers to a Loyalty Program.

If a customer is eligible for a loyalty program, you can add a customer in the Customer creation screen and on the POS screen. 

How Customer Can Earn Rewards

  • Go to Sales screen.

  • Choose the customer.

  • Initially the customer will not have any loyalty points.

  • Add product to the cart. Adjust the quantities and complete the order.

  • Make sure that invoice is generated and payment is complete for the order.

  • Earned points are updated to the customer when an order has invoice generated and payment complete.

Now let us redeem the loyalty points earned. From the sales screen,

  • Search the customer.

  • Add products to the cart.

  • Click on payment mode and choose the mode as loyalty.

  • You get a pop up with reward type and loyalty points.

  • Click on tick mark to redeem the points.