Discount schema is used to set up discounts for business partner groups. We can either set a flat discount for all the products or break discounts for a specific product or product category. Clients can set the discount schema to different Business Partner Groups for a specific period. Discount Schema is useful when the client needs to give special discounts to their customers. Posibolt's discount schema feature offers the option to set discounts for a particular time period, particular days in a week (and make it recurring every week) etc. Create / Edit a discount schema

To create a discount schema

Go to Administration → Set Up → Discount Schema Screen.

Click on Add New button provided in the screen and the user will be navigated to the discount schema create/edit screen.

  • In the New Discount Schema page, enter the following details,

  • Enter a Name for the discount Schema.

  • Enter the description.

  • Choose an organization or select *.

  • Select a discount type for the schema. There are two types of discount schema: Break and Flat Discount type.

How to create a flat discount.

Let us create a flat discount type. When flat discount is selected, user gets two options:</li>

  • Business Partner Flat Discount check box - When selected, the flat discount which is set in the customer or vendor screen is considered.

  • Or enter a flat discount percentage.

  • Enter Valid From and Valid To date to specify the validity of this discount schema.

  • Click on the Repeat check box to repeat this schema after the valid period expires.

  • Click the Save button to save the schema.

How to create break discount.

Break Discounts are used to set up discounts for a particular product or product category.

  • Enter the schema name, description, discount type as break.

  • Enter valid from and valid to dates.

  • To add discount schema break, click on the + button under Discount Schema Break.

  1. If we need to set the break discount for a product category, select the category and enter the break discount percent.

  2. If we need to set the break discount for a product, choose a product from the product Suggestion and enter the break quantity and break discount.

  3. Blank product category and blank product means, the discount is applicable to all products.

  4. If there are more than one break lines, then break lines with lowest sequence number is considered.

  5. Click on Save.

Set discount schema for Business Partner Groups

We can set discount schema for Business Partner Groups in two ways:

In Administration → Business Partner Groups Screen when creating or editing business partner groups.

  1. From Discount Schema Edit Screen when editing a discount scheme.

  2. Click on the button Set Schema For BP Groups in the right hand side of the screen,

  3. A pop up which lists all the BP Groups are displayed with a check box.


  1. Tick the check box corresponding to the BP group that need to be set to this schema

  2. Click on save.

Business Partner groups that are set to this schema is displayed in the right hand side of the screen.