The POSibolt eCommerce integrations allow you to synchronize product, price and inventory data to external applications using the Rest based API. 

This guide outlines standard guidelines on product creation, naming conventions and how these activities can be best used for an optimal online experience.

1. Category Management

Categories, along with their nested categories will automatically synchronize to the online store. The hierarchy in POSibolt will be synchronised to Woocommerce, keeping the the same parent and child structure

Category Mapping

If there is a need to assign POSibolt categories to more meaningful customer-facing categories, the POSibolt Woocommerce plugin has a feature to map POSibolt categories to pre-created categories in Woocommerce.
NOTE: The categories must be set up beforehand so that sync rules can assign the POSibolt category to the Woocommerce category. See below for an example:

2. Image Upload - Single Product

The first step for Image Management in POSibolt requires the use of a "Web Image". A web image uploaded into POSibolt is stored an encoded for optimal web viewing and does not go through any resizing or scaling internally.

The recommended image dimensions should be no smaller than 1024 X 1024 dpi

Note: Please ensure that these images are optimized for web viewing. Large images which take a long time to load will negatively impact the online store and it's usability. There are many free tools on the internet to do this: (Paid service) (Free)

To upload a web image for an existing product:

a) Navigate to Administration -> Product Administration

b) Search for the product and click on the Edit button

c) Choose Web Image from the Image Type Dropdown

d) Upload the associated image, and click Save.

3. Image Upload - Product With Attributes

For a product with multiple colors linked to a base product, POSibolt provides the facility of linking variatio pictures by uploading these images per SKU. 

An example below, with SKUs created for each variation

Create each variation as a separate image file, with the name of the image identical to the SKU (No spaces)

Zip all images into a single zip file, to prepare for upload

Navigate to Product Information , and click on the Import Product Image icon

Choose the "Name Image with Barcode" option

Select the zip file containing the variation images

Choose the Web Image option from the dropdwon

Click on Import File to import these images against each SKU

3. Field Data

POSibolt has the ability to map specific fields from POSIbolt, over to specific fields in Wooommerce. The following representation below shows how fields can be mapped:

*For technical and detailed information about a product, it is recommended that the Detailed Description field be used in POSibolt

Once the data is set up, contact a POSibot consultant to get assistance on going live with your Woocommerce Integration